Healing Macro /w Spirit Beast

hello to all BMs,

Spirit Mend was a meh skill in Legion but now in BFA i see that is a great healing source.
i am 340 ilvl right now and the heal i receive is 25k + 5x8.5k ~70k !! is about 65% of my total hp every 30 secs.

But cause of small range of “Spirit Mend” (25y only) i think that if we use this
/cast [combat,pet:Spirit Beast] target=player Spirit Mend
in a AHK macri is lost of dps. Pet is trying every 30 sec to heal you and cause of range is gets back and forth.

i am trying to make a simple macro (if possible) to use both Spirit Mend and Exhilaration.

something like this:

/castsequence reset=31 [pet:Spirit Beast] target=player Spirit MendExhilaration, Exhilaration

but still no working…any ideas?
(this should not be a spam macro)


/target player
/cast Spirit Mend
/cast Exhilaration

Might want to stick…


…on the end if you’re using it during combat.

Try this one and lets me know how you feel about it.

#showtooltip Exhilaration
/use Exhilaration
/cast [combat,pet,@player] Roar of Sacrifice
/cast [combat,pet,@player] Spirit Mend
/use Ancient Healing Potion