Healthstone/Potion use macro

I have been looking for something to one key my potions and healthstones and etc during raids and mythics. Is there anything anyone had written that makes a best choice or uses things (ie no healthstone so go to pots) that I could use as a jumping off point?

I have one of these that I made on the old GnomeSequencer, but for some reason it’s not working for me on GSE. Here’s the text of the old GnomeSequencer macro. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I with GSE.

There are some really old potions listed, they can be cropped out, but I just left them in.

Sequences[‘Healthstone’] = {
PreMacro = [[
/run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableErrorSpeech”,“0”)
PostMacro = [[
/use Silas’ Vial of Continuous Curing
/use Healthstone
/use Rejuvenating Siphoned Essence
/use Phial of Serenity
/use Abyssal Healing Potion
/use Coastal Rejuvenation Potion
/use Coastal Healing Potion
/use Aged Health Potion
/use Ancient Healing Potion
/use Ancient Rejuvination Potion
/use Silvery Salve
/use Draenic Rejuvenation Potion
/use Healing Tonic
/run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableErrorSpeech”,“1”)