Heart of Azeroth help

Does anyone know how to use our new Heart of Azeroth abilities with our macros?
Would be happy to know how to input a /cast line that cast the ability even if I change the ability/the name.

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simply use
/cast [Name of the Ability]

you can drag your HoA abilities to your taskbar, mouseover to identify the name of the ability

“The Crucible of Flame” Essence grants you a spell named “Concentrated Flame” so you would use “Concentrated Flame” in your /cast or /castsequence

/cast Concentrated Flame

Thanks for the answer Nevertheless. I’m already aware of the named cast as your perfectly explained above.
I was/am looking for a universal line for the Heart of Azeroth (HoA) ability like
“/use 6 for belt
/use 13 first trinket
/use 14 last trinket
/use 15 for cloak”
would be very happy for a line of text to do this for HoA abilities regardless of what ability I am using at any given moment on any given character.

Doesn’t exist, those use the actual item and since the necklace doesn’t have a use feature it wouldn’t work like that.

The only way is to do /cast Concentrated Flame or whatever spell you want to use.

There is a spell Heart Essence and it perfectly works in macroses!
/cast Heart Essence
So simple! It will fire your selected Main Essence

Maximum you need to adjust how it fires if you really need:

/cast [mod:alt,@player] [@mouseover,exists,nodead] [@cursor,combat] [] Heart Essence

Unfortunately GSE not keeping it as it is but transform it to your equipped Main essence name which is weird. Even if you import macro with string as /cast Heart Essence after exit/open GSE Editor it will become as for example /cast Condensed Life-Force :flushed: and if you make changes in Essences your new Essence will never fire until you manually change it in GSE macro.

Hope TimothyLuke will fix it soonest!

It will be great to keep it constant and uchanged, just translated to local languages. And once entered in macro it will work no matter which Main Essence you select.
And all problems with Heart of Azeroth solved!

Update: At the moment TimothyLuke updated GSE and since version 2.4.12 it will be work like a charm! Done through GitHub.


From 2.4.12 GSE will now save Heart Essence for all the essences.

https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced/issues/560 for details