Help a macro noob out please

I want to make a macro to shift out of bear form, cast thorns on myself and then go back into bear form. I tried all the different ways to write a macro for this in the game, but am unable to get it to work. Can someone or all of you folks paste in here a macro that will do that for me. i am in cataclysm classic on a druid.

I do have gse installed as an add on, but I do not know what to put into the different blanks as it resembles blizzards macro user interface not in way shape or form. I tried typing the /cast and / use type macros in there, but it still did not work the way I thought it was supposed to work.

GSE seams to be tailored to people who know how to write macros. I was given the impression that it was more for those who have no idea how to make a macro so i installed it.

Also it seems like unless a spell has no cooldown, then it wont work in a macro. I tried to search google for list of druid spell that had no delay between clicks, but I was not able to find a list of the spells.

Why not just cast thorns whilst in bear form?

I do that now. I was trying to get it to work like power shifting. I was hoping to just get a quick power shift with thorns cast on me while shifting. I wanted to be able to power shift out of bear, cast thorns on myself and shift back to bear all in a split second. I thought this would be nice when I am AOE farming. I know feral druid already kind of OP with AOE, but I thought if I could get thorns in the fight too, that be nice. I guess not though.