Help Adding Macro's GS-E

So I’m having some issues here undestanding the guides and am looking for assistance.

If i see a sequence that I like and want to try it in game

I copy it into my Hunter folder under GS-DraikMacros or the GS-myMacros or both?

Then when I log into the game I /gs let them load and /macro to find it?

What am i doing wrong because the macro’s never seem to appear. I only ever see Draiks.

Sorry for the noob question but I don’t seem to be adapting to GS-E very well.


I had to copy the macros I wanted to use in the game to the MyMacros folder. They wouldn’t show up in game if I didn’t do this.

Go here: GS-E myMacros Addin Pack : GS-E myMacros Addin Pack Download : World of Warcraft AddOns to install the MYMACROS folder