Help Creating a macro

Hey guys, I am using GSE to try and make a simple macro for my DH for PVP. I want the macro to cast the hunt and then essence break. I know i will have to hit the button twice, but when i made the macro through GSE it does not reset to the hunt after I use the combo. It will usually stay on essence break, so when i go to use the hunt / EB it will cast EB first which doesn’t hit anyone and then the hunt. I guess my question is, is there a way for GSE to reset to the first ability in the cast and not stay on EB?

Can try this line of code

/castsequence [combat, nochanneling] reset=combat hunt, essence break

let me know if that works for you

For me it didn’t do anything, no casts or anything.

take the combat out, written that way will only fire if in combat. I was assuming you would be attacking first. then pop macro as needed

so try
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=combat hunt, essence break

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That is working, thanks a bunch. I love your Macros by the way, when are you making a DH pvp one? that would be awesome!

I will have to put it on the to do list, right now the list is long lol

I bet, what is your most requested one at the moment?

lol everyone I don’t have at 70

What class are you enjoying the most?

Hard toss up, so many things i like about most classes. There are some specs that I enjoy less. Since I play with my wife most of the time, try to find classes that work well as duos, and she complains I think to much, plus updating and writing macros for two classes every time we play, I often enjoy the replaying of the class then the first push through on the class.

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I hear the ding for leveling and I am like ok, check hers out, tell her what talent I like, update her macro, then try to do the same to mine after. is a weird feeling to want to level and not want to level at the same time.

I definitely understand that. I guess good luck with the leveling haha

lol ty
I will try and hopefully will get more updated soon. Going slower then I like.

Glad that worked for you best of luck

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