Help for macro with toys pls

hi guys, i’m new, i need help please with a macro that uses a toy.
The toys is the Pristmatic Bauble (in Italian, it is called the Ninnolo Prismatico.)
I have the game in Italian,
the macro is this.
/cast Lame Danzanti
/cast Ninnolo Prismatico

everything works, except for the fact that, I have the bind of dancing blades on the right mouse button + the shift.
And finding that the Toys also has a GCD, and it never works, unless I quickly click the mouse on the spell in the bar, and I don’t use the bind.
I wonder is there a way to make it work, make a macro with the right mouse button and make it click quickly, or make it take the GCD of the toys?..
I hope someone can help me, I would not want to change the binds of the spells, I feel too well. Thanks

For information, I use a Demon Hunter, and I use the addon clique for the right-click binding plus the shift, because Elvui won’t let me do it.
Thanks, a greeting from Rome

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