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I am trying to test out GSE for the first time and came here to find some sample macros to test. What I see on the web page is the following:

Should it not be the macro text? Additionally, I can’t seem to find a tutorial on how to actually import macro text.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


you open addon with / gs
then you can import it

Hello @Rand0myr,

Assuming you already installed GSE addon:

  1. In game type /gse and hit enter
  2. Click Import button towards the bottom
  3. Paste the code from the website
  4. Click Import again on the new window where you pasted the code
  5. Drag the icon to your bar

Make sure you have the right talents it suggests and right weapon when switching specs.

Not sure if I missed any steps, but is supposed to be very straight forward from there.

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Thank you for the responses regarding importing. Any thoughts on why I don’t see actual macro commands but what is in the image in the original post?

It’s a string that converts in the game into the actual commands. Makes it easier to prevent any errors when copy and pasting complex macros, compared to legacy code where it could easily break if had a wrong character.

Some people omit on the site what actually the macro does when exporting from GSE, as it would tell you some general information about the macro if you choose to.


thanks so very much Lutechi! I was looking for the actual macro text as indicated in the youtube videos.

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Just for clarity, the import string is only to import into GSE, once it has been imported, you can open GSE in wow and see the actual macro text like

/cast Swipe
/cast Thrash

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Thanks Spoony, that was the missing piece of info!