Help, if anyone sees this

simple, but massive issue: my gse macros will not fire when I hit the hot key, BUT that same hot key will fire if I click it with the mouse cursor. what am I missing?

thanks in advance for reading this.

I am using the most recent DLs from this forum.

@enncee did you maybe accidentally delete the keybind from that button?

thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

no, I didn’t…:frowning: I tested the macro with several buttons and actually shifted the #1 binding to another key and tried that. the macro actually fires off if I click the key with the mouse but not when I use my finger. I’m stumped.

I deleted and re-installed gse, re-set the system defaults…nothing. the last thing I can figure is that the /click command in the macro panel is broken. I’ve re-set that as well.

I notice that whenever I try to use the “create macro” button, gse tells me I have “close to 18” macros. I tried deleting them all but they’re sticking like glue. they even carry over to the new install. what will the “clear macro cache” do?

for anyone having this issue (which I have now solved), here is the solution: gse “create macro” commands only seems to link to and create within the personal macro block. if you try to link to the general macro block you need to do more than the old time “/click ” command. I haven’t tried to use the general block yet, but I have high hopes this will work. the tip off came from a pinned post on the voice server that I was able to see in action in the personal macro block. here’s what the changed macro command looks like now:

/click [button:1] EA_MWM_OB LeftButton t; EA_MWM_OB

this is for any new or returners who are terribly noobish, like me…:slight_smile:

Or you could have read the GSE wiki which contains a all the information you need about this issue: ActionButtonKeyDown or ActionButtonKeyUp and Why this matters Macro Cycling not firing · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub

that was the pinned post that clued me in; I told you I was a noob. I did the best I could.