Help need Patch 8.2 Lazy macro

where do you download GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced for version 8.2
I use twitch still have GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced for version 8.1 not working in game


Strange it’s working fine for me

Little info as to what isn’t working for you would go a long way.

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working fine for me also

Well here is one for the books, I was down for 2 months and was playing my Monk Windwalker with a BFA 8.0.1 macro but when I downloaded the latest GSE update and
logged in to play him my Macro would not work. Looking in GSE I found that all of my created macros where MISSING and now can not find them. None of my previous macros work but found only 1 available here that does seem to work with 8.2. May not like it bit is the only one I can use att.