Help on Priority macro

Hi guys im new on macro creation, and i would like to know if its possible to create a macro that casts Judgement and when it proc’s (with low health or Avenging Wrath) Hammer of Wrath.
I know i can’t cast two spells with one button.
The idea is to create a normal spam macro, and when it proc’s the spell with the priority will be in evidence.

#showtooltip Judgment
/castsequence reset=0.7 1, Judgment
/castsequence reset=0.7 Hammer of Wrath

I saw a post with the same idea, but it was from 2012, i tested it no longer working.
Hope you guys can help me and understand my bad english.

Hammer of Wrath is an instant cast and it is only able to be cast when an enemy is below 20% health (35% if you’re 92+) or when Avenging Wrath is active. Because of these factors, you can place it in a macro like this :

#showtooltip Judgment
/cast Judgment
/cast Hammer of Wrath

and it should cast every time you use Judgment when one of the above mentioned conditions are met. Otherwise it will only cast Judgment. The only problem is when Hammer of Wrath is ready to cast, but Judgment is on cooldown, it won’t cast anything. If you reverse the two spells in the macro above, you will only cast Judgment when Hammer of Wrath is able to be cast. I recommend having Hammer of Wrath on it’s own key, possibly with a WeakAura alert to help you see when it’s ready and able to be cast. You could also set up a gaming keyboard/mouse or AutoHotKey to press each button alternating so fast you will catch them both every cooldown. Then there is also Gnome Sequencer which does a great job of this as well, but on one key. I hope all this helps you out some. Cheers!