Help please, got an odd one

I didn’t see a technical support area but I have an issue that started this morning. Been using GSE since 2017 without a problem but it appears something went weird on me this morning. When I hold down my macro key during combat, it locks on the target and I cannot side strafe. I looked in the key binds and options of WoW itself but nothing seemed to resolve it. It feels like a camera lock.

Any ideas? My reasoning for coming here is because with GSE disabled, I have no issues. It might be happenstance but was hoping someone had seen this before and knew how to fix it.

Edit - nevermind, found the problem. Adding an AOE Trinket to the macro makes for a bad experience :\

Turn the tick boxes for the trinket off and put

/use [combat,@player] 13
/use [combat,@player] 14


/use [combat,@cursor] 13
/use [combat,@cursor] 14

in KeyRelease or the body of your macro depending on where you want the aoe part to appear.

13 is the top trinket, 14 the bottom one. The @player puts the effect around you the @ cursor puts the aoe where your mouse is. These are the only two options for AoE targeting.