Help Request - Command List or Glossary

Is there a glossary or post listing some or all of the conditionals and commands? I am looking to modify an existing macro and it would help if I understood a few entries that are eluding my limited knowledge.

Currently I need help understanding notalent:3/2, nochanneling and talent:3/2. I have assumptions but prefer to be sure. These are today’s questions, was hoping for a list of sorts for future questions… is there such a list?

Greatly appreciate this site, those that make it great and any help!

notalent:3/2 if i dont have a talent in 3/2 then cast first number is rows down second number is colums from left

talent:3/2 if i have a tealent in 3/2 then cast spell

nochanneling only cast if im not channeling a spell. Such and mind flay, mind sear and so on.

some light reading
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Perfect and thank you for the links!