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I’m looking for a macro that works as well as possible precise, unfortunately the macros that are on the forum often skip the spell or run them late and I don’t know why
I’ll give you a practical example:
if I put priority list ok in macro with the following lines
/cast barbed shot
/cast say beast
cast etc etc etc. the macro should perform 100% always barbed shot always as it comes out of the cd and instead often jump.
so my question is+ there’s a macro or a way to set it more precisely.
I for example use the cd aspect of wilde manually
addon doesn’t perform well what he’s actually supposed to do.
it seems that the macros skip the cast or the spell or do not execute well the priority given to them.

I believe you ask this off and on over the years I’ve been on this website, and the answer has always been the same, which is along the lines it will never be as precise as using abilities manually. I believe numerous people have answered this question for you…


Seems like you look for a rotation bot.

no I’m trying to figure out why an addon doesn’t work out the way it should.
this addon was born to simplify things and make automatic that at the manual level is impossible. it is not possible that manually you are as fast as an addon, the computer program will always be infinitely faster than any human being. addon should be 100% accurate while instead jumps often. from what I understand and read is the same blizzard to have ruined the use of the addon in the game. so I think we can not do anything about it. it is a shame a thing born to help and simplify, not by anyway the guarantee of working as it should.

Seems like it would be much more efficient to have taken the time you’ve spent kicking this dead horse of a question and made your own super awesome elite version of gnome sequencer. That’s what I was going to do when Windows 10 came out but then I started feeling bad because I didn’t want to put all those people at Microsoft out of a job.