Help to load Macro

Hello, im totaly new to this addon. im playing on a 10.1.7 server, i installed the addon for this version from curse forge, also i installed the izzi Monk GSE macro plugin. so far so good, the option menü apears, the addons from the izzi monk plugin also got listed, but how do i get the macro created into my macro window to use it?

sorry if im to dumb to understand this ^^

EDIT: Figgured out, but some macros i found and work to import, are shown often just the ? mark icon, also faeline stomp and some others are missing for me?

does some macros excist for ww monk 10.1.7 versions? maybe github? i dont know how to find something there :smiley:

We dont support private servers on this site. sorry that have to lock this post.