[Help] Use a Channeling trinket in mid macro -- pumping the FANG!

Hi everyone.
Love the community and that’s my first time writing here.

I’ve been using GSE for a while now and i can totally say it’s amazing! I’ve been trying out and loving Elfyau’s macros so I recently decided to tweak some of his macros and increase the performances and to share the ultimate Frost DK macros as soon as they’re available.

At the moment I’m running with an amazing trinket that in my opinion the insane dmg output in PvP it’s currently underestimated. As a Frost DK, the Merektha’s Fang is extremely powerful and synergize very well with Breath of Sindragosa.

My Idea was to add a little chain sequence to stunlock someone in PvP with Asphyxiate and pump Breath of Sindragosa while simultaneously channeling the Fang.

The problem is that i’m stuck in finding a solution to proper include that chain sequence in a whatever macro since the macro itself will keep spamming over the channeling of the trinket breaking up the cast. I’ve been trying to find a solution but all i came up with is to use a channeling condition which do not work with items/trinkets.

Does anyone knows a way to keep channeling an item without the macro to automatically break the cast while spamming?