Help with 5.4 pve raiding macro for ret paladin

Ok first of all i love this site it helps a lot i was using some of the macros you guys were posted it seemed to work fine till 5.4
İ need a one button macro that includes everything to cds to inquision to hammer of wrath i use talent execution sentence. And i am an enginner and i like using synapse springs so please include that aswell to macro help me i would like if u guys hurry any and all posts will be highly helpful, thanks peace out

Hey Mete glad you love the site and I’m glad I found the site although it was around mid cata when I found it though lol. There’s not really many changes that were made to ret pallys other than a couple of minor hotfixes that I’ve noticed. Personally I really haven’t touched Ret that much since MoP and found it too clunky and broken imho, but, what I can give you a link to is this thread. It’s a 5.3 all in one and from what i’ve seen it’s still very active. the post creator made an all in one and several others broke it down into single and aoe but you can still incorporate all the cd’s in there as well:

as for the Synapse Springs you can use the command /use [combat] 9 (i think the gloves are equipment slot 9 since 10 is usually the belt) towards the bottom of the macros. my pally is an engi also and i just drag the hands, belt, and boots onto my action bar and keybind them separately lol. Hope this helps