Help with ele burst macro

I have been trying without success to cast a one shot burst macro. The idea is that I use one of the macro (Lutechi or Elfy) for constant damage, and when I want to burst, I cast another macro (unless the burst can be inserted as a mod in the constant damage macro).

For the burst, the sequence is super important, it has to be:

  1. cast Skyfury totem, fire elemental and stormkeeper, in any order, but these have to be casted first and before any other spell
  2. cast the following sequence: Primordial Wave, Echoing Shock, Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt

the castsequence is important because you want Echoing Shock to be applied to Lava Burst, followed by the empowered lightning bolt. If Lava Burst is not casted right after Echoing Shock, you will ‘waste’ the echoing shock as Lava Burst is our highest damage spell.

Any pro GSE macro maker can help ?

/castsequence [mod:ctrl] Skyfury totem, Fire Elemental, Stormkeeper, Primordial Wave, Echoing Shock, Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt

Something like this? You then just put that in your keypress section and when you want to burst hold Ctrl or what ever other mod key and it cast only this sequence.

Hi how to do it as a standalone macro i mean the burst is a macro by it self.tq