Help with GS please

All the GS for warlocks isnt working for me. i know i copied them into, (have other GS macros already) but every one i put in for Lock doesnt seem to work. can somebody help maybe. thank you so much.

Check if you have saved the Sequences.lua, is the Gnome Sequencer addon turned on on your Lock or if you name the macros the right way. Hopefully it will help you.

thank you for the help. I really appriciate it.

I did all that. its still not working. i have copied the names as they are in the macro and typed them out by hand. the addon is turned on with that character. i dont seem to have this issue with my other toons and their macros.

figured out the problem. thank you for the reply. it made me think of something to try. it was my hot bars. they were glitched. so i rest them and now the macros work.