Help with how to use Two Step Sequential Macros

Hey everyone.

I’ve seen a lot of macros that are “Two-Way Sequential” and have numerous parts. (Elemental Shaman Macro Shadowlands 9.0.1) As an example.

How am I supposed to set this up for a Razer Mouse, or Logitech Keyboard?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!

I would be asking the macro author as they might have an understanding what they are trying to achieve and how it’s supposed to work rather than asking a generic question where someone like me can give you at best a guess as to what is going on in the authors mind…

Thanks for the response. It’s not so much what they are trying to achieve, but how to actually set them up.

I’ve never used more than a single key, so I dont know how to set it up on my keyboard/use them while playing.

You import them into GSE and then do whatever the author says on how to use them.