Help with leveling prot macro

I am using this macro for my level 50 prot warrior:

/castsequence reset=5 Devastate,Shield Slam,Revenge,Devastate,Shield Slam,Devastate
/cast Execute

It’s been working fine, but I want to add Heroic Strike, Victory Rush, and Thunder Clap to it. I’ve tried several different macros, but none will work right. Can someone please help me?

Hmm. I haven’t used this type of macro in a while (I use GS now because it’s much easier to work with after the macro rules changed), but it might help to put resets on the spells you want thrown in. At least that’s what I’ve seen others do who use this type of macro. It would be easy if you were comfortable with modifier keys. If so, I’d put Thunder Clap on a mod key so you can use it for aoe without wasting the rage on single target fights, and I’d put Heroic Strike on another mod key so you can use it for procs and to dump rage when needed.

/castsequence reset=5 Devastate,Shield Slam,Revenge,Devastate,Shield Slam,Devastate
/cast reset=0.3 Execute
/cast reset=0.3 Victory Rush
/cast reset=0.3 Thunder Clap
/cast reset=0.3 Heroic Strike