Help with losing the tank as a target while I'm dps'ing

So I’m not new to macros in wow, but am brand new to GS, so I need a little help…

I had created a macro (just dmg) that let me keep the tank targeted while I dps’d his target. I like to shield/defensive penance out of macro. For some reason, I had some UI issues and my macro got deleted. When I recreated it (apparently not accurately), I can’t keep the tank targeted. Specifically, as soon as I press the macro, it shifts the target to the mob the tank is targeting.

Here’s an example cast line within the macro:
/cast [combat, nochanneling] [target=targettarget] [harm] Smite

If I use the same “/cast [target=targettarget] [harm] Smite” in a WoW UI macro, not in GS, it works as I intend. So I think there may be an option I’ve overlooked or something that is changing my target.

TLDR; I can’t keep the tank targeted while spamming my target of target dps macro. I’d appreciate any help with this!

i use:

#showtooltip  Smite
/targetenemy [noharm,nohelp][dead]
/cast [harm,nochanneling] [@targettarget,harm,nochanneling] Smite

Will select a new enemy target if you have none. Cast Smite on your target if its hostile. Else it will cast smite on your target’s target if its hostile.

just /focus the tank and try @focustarget

then you can use

#showtooltip  Smite
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [@focustarget,exists,harm,nochanneling][@target,exists,harm,nochanneling] Smite

I use the following.
casting smite on my target or on my targets target or on my targetstargetstarget

#showtooltip Smite
/stopmacro [channeling]
/cast [harm] [@targettarget,harm] [@targettargettarget,harm] Smite