Help with macro to spam Chain Lightning and Chain Heal back to back for legendary?

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me with a macro to effectively use the Chains of Devastation Legendary.

I need the chain lightning portion to always target and cast on the target of the tank, while the chain heal always casts directly on the tank.

Would the macro need modified every time I get a new tank, or is there an easier work around for that?

Use TargetTarget and @Focus then set your tank focus and target them

so a cast sequence macro set up like this?

/cast [@focus] Chain Heal
/cast [@targettarget] Chain Lightning

edit while this does sort of work, there needs to be a delay between the lines for it to function properly…looking up a way to do that now.

edit So i couldn’t find a way yet to add a delay between each function so that they didn’t step on each other. I was able compromise for now and assign each function to it’s own macro and can just alternate back and forth between two hotkeys.

You can mess around with, this pauses your macro for set time depending on your MS clicking