Help With Mod Key/@Cursor


So just recently got a trinket upgrade that requires manual targeting (Razdunk’s Big Red Button). I am wanting to use this as a modifier with shift, but have it cast @cursor. I’m unsure how to phrase this, as when I try the following:
/use [mod:shift] [@cursor] 13
The trinket is used at the macro’s start without the modifier, as if I’d just typed /use [@cursor] 13 instead. When I try /use [mod:shift, @cursor] 13, or /use [mod:shift @cursor] 13, the trinket is not used at all.

I am sure I just do not know the proper phrasing of the macro and would greatly appreciate help on this. Thanks!

The only way i can get something like this to work @cursor, is without a modifier. If i use any modifier, it will show me where the spell will land, but wont land unless i use my left mouse button after selecting the area

funny thing is, when i put the exact same line in gnomesequencer, it will work…

You need to make sure that Shift+key is unbound so that the modifier will work.