Help with mouseover/target macro?

Hi im trying to create a simple macro for my druid and i am pretty new to this.
I want the macro to work as mouseover. But if not moused over to default to selected @target. This is what i have currently. Have tried changing the @target to @mouseover but then the spell wont even cast at all unless its mouseover.

#showtooltip Rejuvenation
/castsequence reset=3 [@target,help,nodead]Rejuvenation; [@target,harm,nodead]Moonfire, Sunfire

I’m having the same issue, would like my @mouseover macro to default to my current target if I am not mousing over anyone. Would like to know how to solve this!

Kinda late but try this.
#showtooltip Rejuvenation
/castsequence reset=3 [@mouseover,help,nodead,exists][@target,help,nodead]Rejuvenation; [@mouseover,harm,nodead,exists][@target,harm,nodead]Moonfire, Sunfire