Help with Night fae Ability

Hey everyone! I’ve been checking all the macro’s here, but couldn’t find any macro that include “convoke the spirits” ability, I’ve tried to use “/cast [nochanneling, @player] Convoke the Spirits” but it stops in the middle of it, which is pity…
please help :frowning:

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/cast [combat] convoke the spirits

then on everything else in the macro put [nochanneling]

@player is only needed if its a spell that targets such as a dk’s death and decay for example


/cast [nochanneling] spell 1
/cast [nochanneling] spell 2
/castsequence [nochanneling] spell, spell, spell
/cast [combat] convoke the spirits

hope this helps.



Convoke is a channeling spell itself, so anything in the macro that doesn’t have [nochanneling] will break it.

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amazing, thanks a lot buddy!!! <3