Help with shift casting

hello all, long time user of GSE, I have run into an issue for the first time. when I play ret, I have my generators and TV on my macro, and I have a shift mod for casting divine storm. what I want to do is include radiant decree in the mod shift area. i have tried
/castsequence [mod:shift,nochanneling] Radiant Decree, Divine Storm
but I only works when radiant decree is off CD and able to cast. holding shift is waiting for radiant decree to cast first. if I reverse, radiant decree never casts for obvious reasons. is there a way to add radiant decree to my variable under the same key, or do I need to pick a different key? left control has never worked for me, on any PC, with any keyboard, and lalt is so far from my fingers it is not practical.

Hi, are you wanting to use one or the other? you could do something like

/castsequence [mod:shift,nochanneling] Radiant Decree; Divine Storm

and that will cast Divine Storm on CD till you hold shift and then it will only cast Radiant Decree when its off cool down of course.

If you are trying to automate it, it will be a bit more difficult because you need priority and what not to fire Radiant Decree when its on CD instead of Divine Storm. I had the same problem with Seraphim and Shield of the Righteous. I gave up on it because i couldnt get it automated and i felt that it wasnt worth it.