Help with tooltip

i made a simple macro to kill a few mobs without thinking too much. My problem now is that the tooltip is only displayed as a question mark. is there a way to display the spell which is used?
GSE looks like this

Move you /startattack line after the cast line. The other question is do you need /startattack in every action. If you are running in Classic this can cost you dps as it’s messing with the swing timer.

Also all GSE Templates are sequential by default so you don’t need a loop to say make this sequential unless you are putting a sequential loop inside another loop.

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just copied the first action and edited the spell. Thats why ever action contains /startattack. Will fix that
Actually dont know why im using the loop :stuck_out_tongue: fixed that too

one more question. I enabled reset after combat but it didnt work
What am I diong wrong?