Help with warrior tanking / sweeping strike macro

Hey all if I could get some advice on how to make this basically like a cast sequence but not stop that would be great!

/targetenemy [noharm,nodead]
/cast Charge
/cast [combat] Berserker Stance

/cast Intercept
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Battle Stance
/cast Sweeping Strikes
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Demoralizing Shout

basically trying to open with charge then switch to berserker intercept then battle stance get blood rage and sweeping strike up then get into defensive stance since this is what im finding im doing a lot for my rotation!

Ur going to half to put modifiers to alt shift and tab key for ur stances in this macro to keep it a one button macro then make a secondary macro to use in the outher stances for what u want to do for a one button macro on them. So in all stances u would use this macro in all 3 on the first key then secondary stance u prefer on ur second key slot then third macro on 3rd key on every stance bar there for all u half to do is switch ur fingers between 3 keys . Also need to bind ur intercept and execute together

First macro
/cast intercept
/cast execute

Seconds macro
/cast bloodrage
/cast berserker rage

Ur intercept,buffs and interrupts also cc need to be on separate bindings

Ur best bet is to import the fury raid and do dungeon gse macro and adjust it in game to ur arms spec