Help writing / crafting macro

ok then I’ll start with simple questions to be able to understand 2 3 things in the first place:
writing the sequences with the new gse I notice that they are blocks now so the macro will always start with the priority of the blocks right? 1-2-3-4 and so on. practical example
block 1 cast bestial wrath
block 2 cast kill command
block 3 cast barbed shot
etc will the macro now execute the sequence as written or at least should it be so?

Yes provided you wait for the gcd between those clicks. If you are not waiting for the gcd it will skip stuff. Gse just moves on irrespective of success or failure.

But you want one GCD ability per block as any other gcd ability in the block will be ignored. You can create a stack using [mods] like /cast [mod:alt] x then /cast y. The mod:alt says if I’m holding alt do x else do y. When this is evaluated it only sees the one GcD ability as it ignores the other. - I will split this into a new thread as it’s off topic of the original but still a valid question.

In GSE you are NOT creating a Macro. Nor does GSE Execute your macro. In GSE you create a template from which GSE creates a macro and passes to WoW to execute. you can see the ACTUAL macro via the Compile Template button.

What this will show is often a bunch of spells that are in a different spec to what you are playing in - this is to be expected. Two most asked questions: Base Spells and Macro locks Your macro executes the BASE SPELL not the current spell based on your spec etc.

The Compiled version will also show the outcome of Variables and if blocks and disabled blocks exactly what is going to be executed by WoW whenever you click a key.

but then writing the macro like that will always execute it that way right? because bestial wrath has a coldow of 1.5m of base and it goes down every time I use barbed shot so it will tend to use it just outside gdc right? because I often don’t understand why then it skips the spells or doesn’t activate them right away if it should work like that.

So using your basic example above:

block 1 cast bestial wrath
block 2 cast kill command
block 3 cast barbed shot

every time you press the macro button, it will cycle through those abilities. First press will try bestial wrath. 2 press will try kill command, 3rd will try barbed shot. It won’t wait until that ability can be used, it will just try to use it every time you activate the macro. Unless you are using cast sequence commands (results are extremely varied), it will simply try the ability and then move on to the next one whether it executed it or not.

I know that typically with mine, I will put things that I always want to fire off when available at the very top of the block.

I will give you some advice though. When building a macro, go block by block and test it at a target dummy. Don’t try to write out an entire sequence/rotation all at one go. Start with a few simple things and test it to make sure it works. Then start adding and testing.

When I add a loop, the text area is uneditable. Am I missing something?


you need to click the little white square (or one of the other options there) to add sections to your loop

So I added a block but it doesn’t seem to get added to the loop, it just makes a block below.

Edit: I think I fixed it by adding an action, then adding a loop from that action.

I thought GSE3 was 1 skill per Action block?

/cast Rampage
/cast Bloodthirst
/cast Raging Blow

in the same block work?

It’s working for me? I have it in an action block inside a loop.