why can’t i see the macros all is a bunch of letters and numbers for 8.0

40% of GSE players use enUS as their client locale. This means that 60% don’t. The 60% who didn’t needed a reliable way of importing macros created by the 40%. Its up to the macro authors to post what their macro is doing and you as the player to evaluate a macro instead of blindly putting it in. Also it means that GSE runs 50% faster and uses between 50-800mb less system resources.

There is a tick box when exporting that writes a starter summary of the macro for posting here.

when i look at the imported macro this is what i see not a macro


and its only on the 8.0 macros

Yep - that’s exactly what it should look luke for 8.0

The format changed for the reasons above and also the copy/paste errors.

If I understand aright it isn’t possible to create a macro for e.g. a german client?? Without the "Names (en/ger) I can’t determine if this macro is relevant for me. Or the numbers have been selected universally for all languages. I am a little bit confused about the way forward.

Omg … I don’t like new addons ;-/

… the numbers are unified … but it’s more work … shit happens

Short answer yes
don’t hit the green button use the download button under it.

before you do, completely remove GSE from PTR folders including the GSE bak and LUA files in the WTF folder
then install beta 12. and your good to go. DONT use this version in Live as you will break things,

Uhm I don’t know about the previous post as you shouldn’t be installing beta12 anywhere.

The current version of GSE is 2.3.01 and this is for Otr, beta and live.

In answer to the previous question the new export format for macros works with the same string for all languages. The macro author will need to be more descriptive about what the macro is doing and there is a tick box on the export to create a summary of the spells involved and the macro content.

You don’t need a German version of the macro string anymore nor is GSE trying to translate an English macro to German.

Thanks for reply and now it’s a happy day :slight_smile: because "You don’t need a German version of the macro string anymore nor is GSE trying to translate an English macro to German.