Helping hand with talent builds

Hey guys, I’ve noticed that there are many comments asking for updated talent builds etc. So, here are a couple of suggestions for both macro creators and users:

  1. Wowhead is a great website for beginners. Most macro creators follow the talent suggestions here when building a macro. So, if there is no talent string or if it’s outdated, this is your go-to website to find the talents. However, Wowhead is only good at the very start of a season. For example, its M+ and raiding tier list has Ret Paladin down in C tier or below, where in reality, it’s the most played spec across all levels, with the highest performance in M+. Only Demo Destro beats them in very niche situations, and it’s the highest parsing DPS in the raid, with only Sub doing 2k more damage overall. So, it is very inconsistent.

  2. Archon (formerly Subcreation, bought by Warcraft Logs) and U.ggg are the websites that offer an updated review of everything you could imagine. These websites go simply off statistics, not recommendations but facts. For example, Wowhead might give you a certain build, but these sites tell you exactly why you should take this talent build. They give the best results based on data and the actual content used in the game. They also provide information on enchants, gear stats, and the whole lot. It’s more fact-based than Wowhead’s recommendation.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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I agree with this. I either goto archon or a raiding guilds top guys and look through their talents.

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even with this i used to go to like methods website but they stop updating after rwf if a big changed gets patched in they update etc but outside of that archon or u.ggg gets updated daily so I always use them now

raiding mage from method and he writes for them. They don’t always update but he gives me the skinny when i ask.