Hi guys, any stopcasting macro?

hi guys, any macro stopcasting?
with my paladin healer I use:
/cast flash of cast light
/cast shed the dawn light
this macro allows me to press 1 button without stopping, by doing that I can launch 3 times flash of light (each flash of light gives me holy power) and when I have 3 holy power I use the light of dawn, the problem is that I press the button so quick that ignores the light of dawn despite having 3 holy powers, is there no macro that interrupts the flash of light to use the light of dawn?
I usually play at 174ms

How exactly are you proposing that this will work noting that there is no way for your macro to know that you have 3 holy power and you haven’t done anything to determine where your macro will be when the 4th GCD will expire?

Mate, this is a macro addon, not a game bot. What you’re asking for needs way more information to process than a macro, or macro addon can give the game to do. You’d have to have the game read your casts, the amount of time your cast has been going, your resources like mana and holy power, etc. This will never happen with a macro addon because then it would start bordering on autoplay and be considered botting, which is HIGHLY bannable, moreso than AHK is.

Sometimes Blizzard wants you to play the game instead of a macro.

That’s why I make this post, if someone could help me with that? I could use the /castsequence macro but it doesn’t work at all

IT doesn’t work because what you’re asking for can’t be done with GSE. You would have to use totally illegal software to do what you’re asking, and as far as i’m aware, that’s not supported here.

I thought it worked if you used the castsequence macro to control the flashes of light

/castsequence is and has been broken by Blizzard for a very long time now. It might work for some and not others or not work at all.

I think, if I am reading this right. The issue you have is light of dawn is not casting when you have three charges correct? You just continue to cast flash of light? I saw you have multiple posts about this issue.

There is no way to stop the cast of flash of light as you are wanting, but just using the spells you have this may work for you. It will not stop casting flash of light, but it will try to cast light of dawn before it tries to cast flash of light.

Of course there are no other holy power builders in this little macro I threw together for you, I just used the spells you had listed.



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This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.70.

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