Hidden Opportunity (Ambush if possible otherwise Sinister Strike)

Hello all,

I have problems to create my own working makro with GSE. I do not want a one button show, but i try to reduce my key bindings and try to solve this with GSE.

Can you help me to create a makro that will /cast Ambush if possible (Stealth or Hidden Opportunity Proc) otherwise for example Sinister Strike?

That would be awesome.

Thanks all.

Post what you’ve made as a macro and there might be someone that can help out.

take a look at my outlaw macro - it does exactly what you are asking

I guess you mean " DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP - Outlaw Rogue"

Will have a look but i do not want to use a one button playstyle just want to “automate” what i searched for but try to find the logic in your macro


If somebody else have a tip feel free to comment :slight_smile:

no, theres no way for any macro to cast x if proc and z if no proc. its not a macro or GSE thing, its a wow thing. the api and tos wont allow for it. this type of be havoir would be abused but bots.

Thats right i thought more or less that button click try to cast ambush recognize not possible and do the other one

you could do that in GSE. Sort of.

I was going to type it out, but just made it instead.
This should try to cast ambush first if it is available, but will cast sinister strike on next key press if not.

You will have to spam the key, but is as close as you can get it.


Will test at home thanks a lot

not sure if it is exactly what you wanted

Did you testet it? it was not working at all was not using any attack. I also removed this excist modifier but it also did not work


Sorry forgot to put the [stealth] modifier in try that

It was not working for me.

I believe Leavaris was correct with the wow api and tos not allowing it.

I can test some more strings but the only macro that I have gotten to work was for when I am in shadow dance to cast ambush and when out of shadow dance cast sinister strike. That macro was based on conditional though. Not sure a buff based proc macro works. This is my macro I use

#showtooltip Ambush
/cast [stance] Ambush; Sinister Strike

Did anyone get this to work that has tried importing the string?

I will try this tommorow. For normal stealth or shadowdance its no problem to write a macro like that. But this hidden opportunity which allows to cast ambush without stealth.

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Sounds good let me know if you find anything that works.

As expected it does not work for Hidden Opportunity i guess i have to make a makro to click twice if Ambush not ready

Can you share that please?

Did you figure it out?

It was not working for me.

This worked for me. I just had to have regular ambush on my stealth bar for stealth/shadow dance.

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