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Hello everyone, I have a doubt, is it possible to use GSE without showing the button? Or that he doesn’t keep changing spells like that all the time?


I use BAR 10 on Elvui … I bind my spam button to bar 10 button 1 and place my spam button there.

The bar doesn’t have to be shown for it to spam they key on the bar that its keybound too. Likewise if you have a macro with /click MACRO NAME in it that macro its calling to click doesn’t have to be on the bars to work. It only needs to have a ICON created for it so its actually in your macro book in game.

IE my bars look totally normal all the time.

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Or you could go to /macro and change the icon and remove the #showtooltip line.


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it does

, good to know this

even if I remove the skills appear



Or you could go to /macro and change the icon and remove the #showtooltip line.

Can see you removed the line, but did you change the Icon and save?


I managed to improve the appearance of the button, now it looks static but it still shines due to the ability procs.

I tried to activate this option in the addon itself, but nothing happens.
I have already configured my mouse for button 4 (B4) to repeat in 20ms

That option is to reset a macro while you are using it. You hit that combo and the macro will reset to line one.

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So you have to hit your macro with Shift and MB4 to reset it