High Performance/High Sim classes?

Hello there. Im sure this has been asked many times but cant find much as for current xpac. I apologize in advance.

What 3 classes seem to have the highest sim and performance? I have a 60 of almost every class so far havent really started current endgame yet. Back in legion i remember my BM hunter having almost 100% sim. As well as my DK and Spriest. I havent played in so long and so much has changed. Trying to reteach myself to be able to create macros and contribute but having some trouble. I enjoy all classes and roles.

So for Shadowlands what seem to be the top 3 classes/specs with highest sim? All input would be greatly appreciated.

Simming is individual per toon.
Performance for every macro is ran by the macro author themselves and most likely you’ll get different results so it’s a moot point “which is best for me”.

As now I’ve said this many times: choose which macros you want to go with. Test THEM ALL out. Record your results. And go with whichever gives you the highest DPS.


Oh for sure i understand that. Kind of what ive been trying which is how ive become an altoholic and put myself further behind lol.

But arent there a few classes and or specs that have higher potential for high sim or more user friendly when it comes to lazy macros? I know hunter has always been a front runner in that regard. Are there any other classes comparable?

Sim higher? Every toon is different…

User friendly is objective.

Lutechi has a AIO macro out for almost every (or every) class out there.

I’ve mained BM Hunter almost the last 12 years and very early this one before switching to MM testing out all the ones here and in the Hunter Discord for both specs and they seem to macro well.

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Thank you for the quick response.

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