High Performance (Like the plugin has (those are outdated))

Can anyone suggest a high performance ele rotation macro from the ones listed here? There’s a plugin that has high performance macros, but they’re all outdated. I know in some of the specs on WoWLazyMacros, there are some high perf macros for those specs, but seems like ele’s are not high perf (not saying they’re bad, because they’re not, just saying that they’re not high perf, or raid capable).

I’m using Scary’s latest for ST. You should be doing AOE manually (Stormkeeper>Storm Ele>Earthquake>CL>Earthshock>CL>ETC (seriously, its so easy)).

The whole reason I started using GSE and AHK was because i’m slowly losing use of my hands. I have debilitating nerve damage, and while it may be easy for some, doing any sort of rotation has become a chore for me, and a little on the painful end. I was asking for high perf macros so i didn’t look like a n00b off the street. I used to use the high perf ones that are included in teh plugin, but as i said earlier, they’ve stopped working properly because of spell changes, etc.

I hear you! I’d say the same macro for AOE will work fine for you. It certainly isn’t going to hit 15k in a +15 mythic, but I’d say that’s not what your worried about. Definitely try out Scary Larry’s latest, it’s pretty solid.

I can’t even imagine dealing with nerve damage. I simply use the lazy macros so I can be more aware of mechanics.

i’m using Mr. Larry’s stuff. it’s pretty solid, yeah, though where’s the new one? if it’s the one listed on the page, in my eyes, they perform the same. But, please don’t take that as an offense. I only have one functioning eye (thanks to a crackpot eye surgeon screwing up my left eye permanently), so I could be missing things. Latuchi’s stuff is pretty solid too, though I feel like his is more geared towards the casual player as he feels empty sometimes.

Oh he updated his macro recently, so whatever you grabbed off the first post. You still have to keep an eye on manually proccing the flameshock/lava burst for optimal dps.

he took all marcos down