High Performance Ret Paladin Mythic+ Macros

It’s been a long time since. I’m back to Wow.
Here is adjusted macros i’ve been using in Mythic+.

Use AHK 5 ms. Here is the script i use. Paste it in a ahk file and run it.

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft  ; Only run if window 'World of Warcraft' is active
    if not GetKeyState("q", "P")
     Send q
	sleep 5 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats
    if not GetKeyState("e", "P")
     Send e
	sleep 5 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats

Bind your Final Reckoning to a button on your mouse and use it after firing divine toll. Somehow if you use Final Reckoning first, divine toll doesn’t work on macros.

Also you can use a macro like me to cast your both trinket and crusade at the same time and bind it to a button on your action bar.

/cast crusade
/cast blazebinder’s hoof

SINGLE TARGET - Key bind to E



This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.

AOE Damage - Key bind to Q



This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.




Not to bad on the Test Dummies. i will play with it in dungeons and raids and give a better review

Cool. Make sure AHK speed is right.

For raid single targets. remove Seal of Might, Divine Purpose and Hallowed Ground.
Add: Obduracy, Seal of Crusader and Zeal of Paragon. Also add Righteous Verdict.

hello Use AHK 5 ms but I wanted to know this corresponds to 100 ms or less? I don’t use ahk^^’

100ms is too slow to catch up. set it to 5ms. Your key presser has to press all macro in a second according to macro’s order of skills in my opinion.

Go to dummies in valdrakken and to set it to 100ms and see how slow it is with crusade. then set it to 5ms and pop your wings. See how its flying :slight_smile:

just a question: isn’t 5 ms a bit too risky as a value? it’s 20 click for second, shouldn’t be dangerous?


Playing like this since Bfa. Why it should be dangerous?

Macro is written to stay under action limit. All sections are Action, not Reset. So macro will not try that skill if its not available and pass to next. Which means no spam.

Of course if you use Reset in the settings of the macro on skills, macro will try to press it(Spam) till its available. So it will not work as smooth as it should be and it will give error. Also game will notice it aswell…

Just use as instructed and you will be fine.

i think they are talking about the banning of spamming buttons to fast and looking like a bot.

Explained it there in the previous reply

Also another thing to add is it seems people do not understand, AHK(or other apps) is spamming the macro buttons you are binded to your macros, not skills of the game it self.

Binded keys spamming GSE. GSE addon is the one who press to skills for you according to macro order if that skill is available.

So with 5ms you are telling GSE to switch fast to next available “Action” skill. Because of GCD GSE can not press multiple damage skills at the same time. So :wink:

If your macro contains “Reset” skills and if you use 5ms game will think you are a bot. So dont use 5ms if your macro has Reset skills.

GSE is still running from within the WoW client itself, so WoW’s keyboard handling routines are being called. In other words, Blizzard can conceivably detect the fact that keys are being sent at 5ms.

Whether they do anything about it or not is a different story and everyone is advised to consider their risks accordingly.

is it intended that i need to hold the e and q down when using this whith the ahk script ? … New to this btw ;? :wink:

and could i make the q to r instead ? ;))

You can change AHK to use whatever keys you want to use and have mapped to your action bars - I think they just included it as an example. In your use-case, you’d change:

$q:: to $r::
GetKeyState(“q”, “P”) to GetKeyState(“r”, “P”)
Send q to Send r

Of course they do. If im not mistaking Wow allows around 250 action per second or something like that. So my macros are below to it. Using these since 2017 mate.