Hey all, I have been coming to this website for what seems like @ least a couple of years. I have just now joined to express a opinion. I see that there are alot of people making macros and posting them, which is great. But I personally would like to see people put there Item Level and the Avg. dps of say at least 1 or 2 minutes. Let the macro run for a bit and see if it has any lock ups. Some macros have busrt in them and we cant get a accurate reading on them.

Didn’t want to offend anyone I just think it would make it a lil easier to see if it was what people are looking for. Me personally I dont use to many “real” macros as such. I have a older g510 keyboard and a g15 keypad i use. I make smaller macros. been doing it for at least 7-8 years now. I just dont know how to tell people the way my layout is like. But I am going to try.

Thnx for listening :stuck_out_tongue: