Hobo's Spellhance

Ok Guys i Tried Feedback welcome and appreciated

Was basing the rotation off The ULTIMATE SPELLHANCE SHAMAN guide for Wrath Classic! - YouTube


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This macro seems pretty good tbh! Will report back after ive tested more dung runs and maybe even a raid with it. Thanks for making this!

Thanks mate, are the abilities firing off ok ?

Yes the general rotation seems very good and im getting good dps. Maybe you should add a keypress for mealstrom procs? My ICU is spamming 1 at 25ms, and i just hold shift when mealstrom procs to cast lightning bolt (as thats my SHIFT-1 keybind) which works well. Totems are a bit tricky so i have removed them for now. Also the magma totem needs to be recast every 20sec, so something to refresh that might be an idea… anyways, good work this far.

Just move around combat , it may surprise you


are you prebis yet ? what type of numbers you getting ??

Been trying this out for fun, seems to work pretty well. I’ll probably separate the totems but otherwise it’s great thanks.

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