Holy Paladin 1 button healer macro in the works - Needs tweaking


I have tried to develop my own healing macro for Holy Paladins. I want it to be a 1 button macro without the use of modifiers. I think I might be onto something, but this macro is in need of tweaking and I’m lost on what to do to improve it. If there are anyone out there with some more knowledge than me to help with this it would be greatly appreciated. It is ofcourse Holy Power that creates the issues as it is hard to calculate when to use the different abilities.

The use of Denounce and Crusader Strike in this macro would just be a bonus, but could easily be taken out to create less hassle. Here goes;

Sequences['HolyPala'] = {
StepFunction = [[
	limit = limit or 1
	if step == limit then
		limit = limit % #macros + 1
		step = 1
		step = step % #macros + 1
PreMacro = [[
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=10/target Flash of Light,Holy Light,Holy Light,Holy Light',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=15/target !Beacon of Insight',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=20 !Holy Prism',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=7 !Light of Dawn',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=6 !Holy Shock',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=9 !Holy Radiance',
	'/castsequence [@target,harm] reset=11/target !Denounce',
	'/castsequence [@target,harm] reset=4/target Crusader Strike',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=20 !Eternal Flame',
	'/castsequence [@focus,exists] reset=30/target !Hand of Purity',
	'/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=25/target !Beacon of Light',
PostMacro = [[
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Anyways, talents etc. is up for debate. So please use whatever talents would make for the best macro. Different macros for healing in this thread is also allowed. The one above works great with Grid addon, but is far from optimal.

Awaiting yours :slight_smile:

what ur talent and glyph pls … gonna give it a go soon enuff