Holy Paladin 5.0

Due to flip flopping of gear some don’t have a real DPS set while working on Healing set.

Following ret pally DPS macro came up with a Holy Macro for questing and grinding. DPS is consistent and no lock ups during spamming. Can be used at a starting distance of 30 yds.

/castsequence [nomod] reset=4 Denounce,Denounce,Judgment,Holy Shock,Denounce,Word of Glory
/castsequence reset=3/alt Sacred Shield,x
/cast !Hammer of Wrath
/cast !Avenging Wrath
/cast !Divine Favor
/cast !Divine Plea


Glyphed for extra DPS with:

Harsh Words, Denounce, and Holy Shock


Talent for:

Sacred Shield, Divine Purpose


Easily put back with Dust of Disappearance.