Holy Paladin 8.3+ Glimmer'din

deleted … peace out community


Wanted to thank you for the macro. :slight_smile: Works like a charm. I’m only a filthy casual these days, so I removed the modified for Holy Shock and added in targeting lines so it’ll cast on CD. Thanks again.

you are certainly welcome - if you dont mind me asking - what mod did you do and how do you use it ? guild runs ? pugs ? mythics ? regular dungeons ?

I mostly just do the Warfronts and BGs and such. So I added the following in front of Holy Shock:


That way Holy Shock would always be used on something friendly while I DPS the enemy.

Nice macro, thanks !

Used the addition posted above, so hs always goes off on something.

Did a tw dungeon to try it out. With the above addittion its hard to get
some real healing going, since hs is always on cd when u need it.

Gonna try some with hs on mod, but i have a feeling this kind of healing
is something i wont get used to. Its like kickweaving on monk. You are
in with the fight, as where you used to be standing clear dropping in for those
aoe heals when needed.

For running around by yourself, like in BGs and world content, what I added seems to work fine, but I acknowledge it’s not efficient. For group content, I would just use the /mouseover for Holy Shock so it only goes off on who you want it to.

I got my first orange parse (95%) healing in heroic EP this week, thank you for this macro!

mhmm love them oranges :slight_smile:

Just checking, has there been any updates to this macro?

why would there be any updates ? nothing has changed or is going to change until 8.3 drops

Here’s your update:

Still blasting and going strong as of 12/22/2019 - 86k HPS

just wanted to say , love your macros. Started with the first installment of your dope ass rogue macro without RtB. And i must say , this macro for what it does (healing) is super effective. only issue i have is the dps is horrid. i hardly see you break 10k if even reach that which is one of my main concerns considering it is One of if not the main reason to take a holy paly ( highest Dps/Hps burst of all healers)
ive seen ppl with way less item level hit Way over 10k easily. i Guess someone will have to create a dope dps macro to fire along with this dope Healing /CD reset macro , im a scrub and cant do it lol. Cheers for the macro and keep up the good work always on the look out for your macros/updates

Hi Russell, first of all, thanks for you contribution with your macro’s, I love them!
Can I ask you which add-on are you using to get this clear UI? Love it!

Check it out

The DPS is ‘horrid’ you put it because you ‘have’ to apply GLIMMER to enemy mobs ‘yourself’ … my macro ‘heals’ …

dont mind me Mr russell, yea i knew i had to put the GoL on enemies myself i just meant in general but you are correct how ever for some reason it escaped me and i completely forgot it wasnt a fully auto macro. my apologies sir you are a legend and i retract my previous statement , i did however take out out some LoD fillers, added an extra HS mod for @target and a consecrate Mod. and lesson learned…i will no longer make posts without my coffee. have a great day man , hope you had a great holiday

no no your good i have been watching Zmokamok youtube videos and have been working in secret on a modded one to this one where it dots up enemies with glimmer and drops consecration for dps … will release when mostly done for testing purposes


you sir are the man , keep up the amazing work i look forward to anything and everything you put out.

is this raid viable or only dungeons ?

sure it is im AOTC and 2/8M using the same macro but just change talents …