Holy Paladin viabilitiy

Is holy pally really only viable in healing with melee heals? In season 3 they could be ranged healing with the legendary that let LoD be 40 (can’t remember if that was the only spell, but i think it wasO yds. Not sure if that’s baked into talents now as I’m not playing a melee healer. too hard for me to see what’s going on. Was hoping maybe someone would be converting a ranged healer pally from the old GSE and season of wow, to the new GSE and DF stuff.

At the moment Caster Healer is dependent on Leggos. Will have to wait till lvl 70 to see if it is going to work without them


Pretty much

HS, WoG/LoD, HL with splash AOE heal, Judgement AOE and Consecration AOE heal

So, you are standing with range and judging the main target, using HL and LoD when people are grouped and HS, WoG when not. And divine toll when of CD

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any idea on the mana consumption of this build? i know in season 3 i believe elfyau put out a healer build for ranged healing that used virtually no mana unless you were spamming HL or HS on people, or using the “oh shit” button he had on [mod:shift]. i loved it. i got teh ranged leggo specifically to use it, lol. i hate melee healing because i’m terrible at it. too much to keep up with and look out for all at once.