Hotbars locking up any advice pls


Not sure if I am posting this in right section, I am sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I started getting this issue about 2 weeks ago, and I hope its not GSE because I love this addon. Every now and then my action bars the main ones… with attacks/spells will lock up and I can not click or use the keyboard or even mouse over and tool-tips don’t show when this happens. What makes it difficult to narrow down the problem is, I am not sure or realize before hand what is causing this to happen. The other bars on the side etc does not get effected, those work fine.

If I Reload the game or log out and back in, it clears and it works again. I opened a ticket for a GM and they want me to do a fresh roll back to default settings, and turn off the addons to see… but I do not want to do that unless its the last resort.Again what makes it difficult is I can not pin point when it will happen, I can play for hours and it could be fine. But I wish I knew for sure if GSE I could vote out is causing this or can it … So I figured there is no better place to ask about this then this website… Has anyone had this issue with GSE or if its not GSE and you had this issue, what was the cause ?

Any help and feedback would be awesome,


I use GSE for multiple hours each day and dont have thus occur. I cant tell you what is causing it all I can tell you is that its not GSE.

What you could try is tapping Control, chift and alt on both sides of the keyboard a few times and then press enter and can you type in chat? Sometimes Windows thinks those keys are held down when they really arent. Also things like Razer Synapes can do interesting things like spamming a key without any reason to.

Do you use TSM (tradeskill master) by any chance?

A friend of mine that does not use GSE or TSM has this issue regularly, thus I can say it is definitely not GSE or any macros. He does use Healbot as a holy priest and that will also freeze up on him at times. Still no fix on his side. Could be a random bug in blizz UI which I get sometimes in my !Buggrabber addon eg: error when going into an instance but does not lock anything up as I use ElvUI as my UI and not Blizz default UI.

Last few days I haven’t had the issue, maybe a update did it to either the game or addons, happy to hear GSE is not the one that maybe causing this from the reply’s, most of the addons mentioned here I do not have.

Thanks for the feedback