How do I make this macro fire faster without a faster MS time?

How do I make this macro fire faster without a faster MS time, right now I’m running at 250 with a AHK, but when I just spam the spell myself I get much higher DPS than I get using the macro with AHK? I really don’t want to change the MS to say 125 in hopes of getting the same results I get spamming it?
Thank for any help.

In short you can’t. You only have two methods:

  1. Use programmable software.
  2. Spam it manually.
    But is your account worth it to change your auto spam rate even faster to get a possible ban for more DPS?

yeah usally keep the few spells on my bars and when i see em proc use em :wink:

When I said

I just spam the spell myself, I didn’t mean that I am spamming the macro, I am spamming the spells and get much better overall damage, dps than using the macro and ahk at 250ms. Thank you all for the feedback. Just wish I could figure out why I get more damage and dps by hand than I do with the macro?

Because the macro needs a ton of work that you haven’t put in to customise it for how you play. A macro from here will get you 40% of the way. if you want the next 60% you will need to spend many hours with a target dummy, looking at logs and tweaking and changing it and making it your own.

Well that tells me why their are so few classic tbc macros, no target dummies’ to use for fine tuning, as I said in my first post this macro isn’t a creation of mine. Heck I don’t even know how to find the template to even start a macro.

If I remember right from the old days playing wow isn’t there training dummies in Theramore. Where i used to test weapons long time ago.

I didn’t say you created the macro but if you want it to work for your character you need to tune it which will result in a complete modification towards how you play. If you don’t do this you will get mediocre results (read shit house, useless, worse than manual playing) at best every time

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Thx for the feedback TimothyLuke, are their any tutorials that can help me understand how to do this ?
Thx to Izzi will look.

No problem not sure if they are there or not. do not play classic. But if they rolled world back should be.

First post has it pretty clean

In short - do something for 2 mins and record the result. Then make one change and do that for two minutes. If the result is better move on. If it’s worse, undo that change. Now repeat by making a change and comparing that to your previous result. Look at GSE’s debug window to see what fired and why - also look at what action blocks were skipped and why. Compare all this with what you were doing manually and keep tweaking until they line up with the results you want.


Thank you for all the help :slight_smile: