How do I only show one icon and not cycle between icons

Hello everyone, I have a very simple macro for my monk. Its Rising Sun Kick with Touch of Death. It works really well for what I was looking for but…I dont want to see the button chage tooltips everytime I press it. I was wondering if there is a way to ONLY show Rising Sun Kick when pressed but it still cycles between rising sun kick and touch of death.

Is this possible?

Hello @Grimfell

It is.

@showtooltip #showtooltip < spell > at 1st line of macro ( uptop )


In the normal macro editor /macro Find your GSE made macro and change the icon to something other then the ? (question Mark) or in the macro first line says #showtooltip add Rising Sun Kick to it #showtooltip Rising Sun Kick or Try this when making a new macro Esc > Interface > Scroll to GSE: Gnome blah blah blah > General tab > 6 rows downs Right side > Read and Uncheck Set Default Icon to Question Mark

If you change the icon in /macro to something and remove the #showtooltip line for that macro it will never change.

That setting doesnt do anything anymore and isnt used.