how do i permanently delete my account

Hello there,
I made an account years ago and now going through all my old accounts and deleting the ones i do not use, I read that you do not delete accounts permanently but according to the new regulations that came into effect last month I have a right to be forgotten, so I could like my account and all my details to be permanently delete from your databases.

Thank you

the admin will have to go in to the SQL data base and Remove you entrys in to system for you to be 100% deleted

I’ve never been told to “permanently delete” someone from my database in a breakup.
I thought we could still be friends :’(

As someone has stated it would need a Sql query or owner to go into phpadmin and delete your details from the database but as you only have 1 post count i’m guessing you made a new account to post but give no mention of your old account details and I don’t think the owner is physic.

edit: Unless you’ve used the same email address which I don’t think you could do then he could search by that