How do I save a version of a macro to one bind, and a different version of the same macro to another bind?

How do I bind a single target version of an M+ macro to one bind, and an AoE version of the same macro to another different bind? Or is that not even possible? Is the hack way to do it to make 2 different lazy macros?

I would rename the second version and place it on a different button. I would put macro 1 on button 1 and macro 2 with different name on button 2.

What you want is not possible as i know but just copy the 2 version to a new macro.
Use the Raw Edit to copy string.
Copy everything in the macro text and then use that to paste into your new macro by going into Raw Edit, delete what is there and paste the string you copied from first macro. Click Compile at bottom and its done.

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Thanks all. I figured that would be the workaround.