How do I upgrade GSE to 3061

I could use some help here. [I’m using GSE: Advanced Macro Compiler] I can’t seem to update my GSE to 3061. A lot of these new macros I can’t use. I use WOWUP for my updates and it shows it’s up to date, is there something else I need to do or change? I keep getting this response - This macro uses features that are not available in this version. You need to update GSE to 3061 in order to use this macro. It’s showing 3.0.58-3-g84b62ef

Short answer: Don’t use WoWUp.

Longer answer you need to use an addon updater that can read from curseforge or update manually. You also want 3.0.63 now. WowUp was accepting money from people to use Curseforge’s infrastructure and didn’t want to share any of that with Curseforge so Curseforge denied wowUp an APai key. To compensate WowUp linked with WAGO and put in adds so it could pay WAGO. I don’t host on WAGO so while you are using WowUP you will be stuck.

GSE has primarily been hosted on Curseforge since just after it’s inception. It keeps a presence on WoWI as that has helped me obtain beta keys in the past.

Wow I didn’t know all that. I’ll change to Curseforge right away ty for the reply.

Here’s a lot more detail on the situation: Ads, Revenue, and API - WowUp and Overwolf Split Over Addon Development - Wowhead News

As an addon dev, I don’t make any money. Firstly I’m not doing it for the money but the small stipend that comes from Curseforge and GSE’s direct Patreons literally pays for the WoW subscription for me. (This site has its own Patreon which is different to GSE’s Patreon. This site’s Patreon pays to keep this site available - link at the top of the page.)

I spend about 50 hours a month fixing bugs, answering questions and improving the mod. A lot of that dev time you won’t see as if it doesn’t work for me first it just doesn’t get into the mod. I don’t play a lot anymore as when I log in I’m fixing something or developing something and literally, I’m not enjoying Shadowlands. At the moment I’m still trying to solve one of GSE3’s design goals of dragging and dropping panels. This is a painless thing in just about every javascript framework out there but unheard of in WoW’s UI.

Curseforge has been consistently good to me so as a loyalty thing I’m returning the favour.

Oh and you want 3.0.64 now :sunglasses:


Well, I for 1 would like to say thank you for everything you do, and the time you invest to keep this going and constantly updating. Because of you, you’ve made WOW a lot more enjoyable for many people. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone else who is putting in the time to make Macros to share with everyone.

I changed right away back to Curseforge right after I made that reply the other day and updated and everything is working like a dream. Currently running GSE - 3.0.64